HMRC centralise data storage via the G-Cloud framework

Providing Assured Cloud Services to the UK Public Sector

London – September 27th 2012 – Skyscape Cloud Services Limited, the easy to adopt, easy to use and easy to leave Assured Cloud Services Company, today announced that it had signed a contract with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for centralised data storage via the G-Cloud framework.

HMRC is the first Government department to sign a contract for the delivery of G-Cloud Services over the Public Services Network (PSN). Moving to cloud storage will provide lower-cost, more secure and greener data storage for HMRC. It will also enable the department to move forward with its deployment of the Government End User Device Strategy, designed to increase the efficiency of the public sector and improve front-line services.

The contract was awarded via the UK Government G-Cloud framework, which enables the rapid sourcing and deployment of secure, low-cost utility services to the UK public sector. This is the first major service contract to be awarded via the G-Cloud by an organisation as large as HMRC.

For HMRC the change will mean moving data currently stored in local offices to cloud storage between Autumn 2012 and early Spring 2013. This will be the first deployment of G-Cloud services over the Public Service Network, established to improve Government communication links and cut costs.

Phil Dawson, said “Centralising storage into the cloud will bring immediate and long term cost savings to HMRC. It will also allow them to achieve greater business agility by having data in a central location. This contract win, combined with last week’s announcement about Skyscape’s win with Government Digital Services, further demonstrates government’s commitment to driving through the aims of the Government ICT Strategy, the underpinning G-Cloud strategy, and also the Procurement Pledge which supports increased engagement with SMEs”.

More information about the G-Cloud Programme can be found at

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