Email and Collaboration as a Service

Skyscape’s Email & Collaboration service provides a centrally hosted solution that offers Enterprise Class communication and collaboration for organisations wanting significant cost savings, feature-rich technology and a guarantee on service availability – all at per user per month pricing model.

Email and Collaboration as a Service helps organisations and end users work in a secure, efficient and effective manner by providing a range of productivity tools including email, calendaring and tasks. A “Briefcase” provides organisations with a solution for creating a centralised repository to manage and share documents and information with colleagues.


Bought on a per user basis, Skyscape’s Email & Collaboration service can replace the burden that an organisation may experience when managing their own email infrastructure. Pain points associated with in-house solutions include: buying and managing the underlying infrastructure and accessing a secure datacentre; licensing servers; upgrading and updating the email service. All this is provided by Skyscape in one easily reconciled user price.

This service is Pan Government Accredited to IL3 and offers:

  • Truly on-demand – administered and controlled by you, ensuring true flexibility and cost alignment. Simply add and pay for new users as and when required.
  • Email and calendaring – each user gets a 1GB mail box with additional storage and archiving available on a per GB basis.
  • Contacts and addresses – a centralised repository delivering rich functionality accessible throughout the organisation.
  • Briefcase – document storage, management and sharing gives users access to content and data in one centralised location. Fully configurable, it allows users to create folders, set access rights and check documents in and out with version control.
  • Access anywhere – access the service (Impact Level dependant) via the web (supports Secure POP3, IMAP4, MAPI and SMTP access using TLS/SSL encryption), mobile devices (Apple iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile via ActiveSync/Direct Push), through a number of Client-based applications (VMware Zimbra Desktop, Microsoft Outlook etc.) or through common web browsers.
  • Social – supports integration with a wide range of social networking and collaboration tools, if required.


Our services are designed specifically for the UK Public Sector so assurance is paramount. It is at the core of everything we do. This philosophy ensures that we are able to deliver to the highest standards public sector organisations need from a service provider. This is proven by Skyscape achieving Pan Government Accreditation across a range of its services.

Skyscape built our Compute as a Service platform by leveraging market-leading technology and solutions developed by our Skyscape Alliance partners (QinetiQ, VMware, Cisco, EMC, Ark Continuity) – together these partners have invested billions in research and development (R&D):

  • QinetiQ, a world-leader in cyber security, provide 24×7 security monitoring and threat detection
  • VMware, Cisco and EMC together provide innovative data centre solutions, including the ubiquitous cloud operating system – VMware vCloud
  • Ark Continuity operate award-winning energy efficient, Tier 3, UK data centres

The Skyscape Cloud Alliance ensures that security, reliability and performance are never compromised.

Skyscape is a UK sovereign, offering secure service with data in named, accredited data centres managed by security cleared UK support staff.

Also at the heart of Skyscape, is its compliance programme which delivers assurance in four strategic areas: Quality (ISO9001), Information Security (ISO27001), IT Service Management (ISO20000) and the Environment (CarbonNeutal® company status).

Technical Features

Email and Collaboration as a Service has the following technical features, all available as standard:

  • Email including calendaring and tasks
    • Fully featured email, calendar, address book, tasks and file collaboration.
    • 1GB mailboxes (optional unlimited archive available).Supports Secure POP3, IMAP4, MAPI and SMTP access using TLS/SSL encryption.
    • Access: available using either client-based software (VMware Zimbra Desktop, Microsoft Outlook) or through common web browsers.
    • Support for a variety of mobile devices (Apple iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile via ActiveSync/Direct Push).
    • Global address lists and third-party application extension capabilities.
    • Message size limits (max attachment size): 25MB.
  • Security
    • Encrypted client connectivity using FIPS 140-2.
    • S/MIME for digital signatures and email encryption.
    • Configurable administration rights.
    • Admin activity audit trail.
    • Access controls for application and data sharing.
    • Complex password policy.
    • Single sign-on support.
    • Integrated spam and virus protection.
  • Mobility Security
    • Supports corporate security policies on supported devices that mobile devices must accept to receive and store company data/communications such as:
      • Force PIN security on device.
      • Require alpha-numeric password for device.
      • Automatic device wipe.
      • Auto device lock.
  • Briefcase – Document Storing/Sharing
    • A central repository to store and manage documents and files.
    • Set access roles and responsibilities per user or group on either folders or documents.
    • Create document versioning and approval workflows to improve data integrity and collaboration.
  • Archiving
    • The service can include integrated archiving and discovery as a chargeable option. This can be enabled for all or selected users and copies every message (sent and received) into an archive mailbox. Cross mailbox search (discovery) of items is supported in the web admin client.

Service Features

To help provide a flexible and assured service, Skyscape allows organisations to select a number of service options so that their exacting requirements can be met; be they financial, data security or availability.

Organisations initially chose the service level:

Service Level Agreement 99.99%
Antivirus, malware and spam protection Web Level AV included
IL3 content inspection available
Multi-site resilience Yes
Backup Daily
Archiving Optional cost per GB
Relays available as standard GSI, Internet
QinetiQ Proactive Monitoring Included for IL3 IaaS

There are no termination costs for this Service.

Use cases

  • Organisations that want to reduce costs both in terms of licensing and management without compromising on features or customisations associated with other multi-tenanted solutions.
  • Organisations that need centralised data accessible in a secure manner, by a range of individuals, via a number of devices.
  • End users requiring greater functionality and collaborative tools to improve their productivity.

Additional information

How to get started:

Once you decide Skyscape Email & Collaboration is the right service for your organisation, you could be setting up live accounts and migrating users across in minutes.

Simple steps to follow:

  1. Click to sign up to the service
  2. Click the URL within the confirmation email you will receive and enter in your unique login details.
  3. Start creating user accounts and sending emails.

Other Collateral:

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    Single Service Level

    Service Level Agreement 99.99%
    Antivirus, Malware and Spam protection Web-level AV included
    IL3 Content inspection available
    Backup Daily
    Archiving Additional cost per GB
    Pan Government Accredited to IL3 Yes


  • “I need to provide my Organisation with the tools to help individuals improve data availability, productivity, communication and document collaboration – whilst reducing costs"


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